The Mollie Chronicles

Pregnancy: Choosing a Provider

There are many options for obstetric care out there. There are OB/GYN physicians, family practice providers, nurse midwife groups who work under the observation of a physician, independent nurse midwife groups, birthing center midwives, home birth midwives and certified professional midwives. The opportunities are endless and in many areas, we are fortunate enough to have… Continue reading Pregnancy: Choosing a Provider

Chronic Disease & Prevention

Hypertension: Why Is It Such a Big Deal?

Hypertension, otherwise referred to as “high-blood pressure” by most, is a chronic health condition that can have tremendous negative outcomes. These include chronic kidney disease and heart issues, leading to heart attack, high cholesterol, stroke and sometimes death. A higher blood pressure means that the heart has to work harder with every pump to move… Continue reading Hypertension: Why Is It Such a Big Deal?

Chronic Disease & Prevention · Wellness

Mind-Gut Connection: The Gut Microbiome

Let’s talk bacteria, viruses and fungi for a minute. We often shed a negative light on these microscopic creatures, but they aren’t all bad. In fact, trillions of them, and they serve a very positive purpose: to help us survive. Our gut microbiome has many tasks to keep us healthy, so it is thought that… Continue reading Mind-Gut Connection: The Gut Microbiome

Chronic Disease & Prevention · Diabetes

Diabetes and Management

Before moving on to other topics, I wanted to finish up the discussion on diabetes, with diabetic management. So what if you have diabetes, or are pre-diabetic? Newer research is coming out explaining that the outcomes related to individuals with diabetes versus pre-diabetes are NO DIFFERENT. Which means that by the time an individual is… Continue reading Diabetes and Management

Chronic Disease & Prevention · Diabetes

Diabetes: Risk Factors and Prevention

Continuing the series on chronic diseases. Maybe. If I can commit to writing regularly. Like, ever. As I wrote in the last post, being diagnosed with diabetes is depending on a combination of multiples risk factors: Genetics Diet Lifestyle Weight–> BMI (body mass index) over 25 Race–> African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics are… Continue reading Diabetes: Risk Factors and Prevention