The Little Things

Adventureland and my Back Porch

This week’s gratitude: Rain to cool off this crazy humid-hot midWest summer Jambalaya Our recent discovery of cashew-based, dairy-free ice cream Cool nights and good music A pretty stellar hairstylist Carageenan-Free Almond Milk Man…I have a mouthful of things to be thankful for this week! But seriously, these are all things that are pretty prominent… Continue reading Adventureland and my Back Porch

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Getting In Touch With Nature

This week I am grateful for: Lakes My puppy children The noises of bugs and chirping birds Pancakes Access to clean and healthy food New Ideas and Challenges Making choices for me Our little family took our very first legit camping trip this past weekend. It was memorial day weekend and we made the choice to camp… Continue reading Getting In Touch With Nature