Europe Vacation: Onward to London

Well, friends.

We figured if we had to fly through London anyway, why not stop off for a few days and enjoy the city? We had a beautiful 60-degree weather day to explore the city. We became one of my least favorite things– typical tourists-– and saw the highlights.

  • Westminster Abbey
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Big Ben
  • Parliament
  • The Tower of London

Westminster Abbey was undoubtedly my favorite attraction. What I love about Europe is the literal hundreds to thousands of years of history it has to offer. This building was constructed over 500 years and the intricate detail of the architecture is simply astounding. Unfortunately, there are no photos allowed, so you have to go see it for yourself 🙂 But, it is breathtaking.

I was almost in tears more than once listening to the history that goes along with this monument of a church, that is also home to the burial sites of many famous scientists, philosophers and writers. Their influence on our society and the intellect they shared is astounding. If you had only a few hours to spend in London, this is the one thing I would recommend.

Day 2 was a bit more laid back. We had a fancy breakfast that cost more than most dinners I buy in America, bought some canvas artwork from a 10-stand market, had Turkish coffee and ate our way through Borough Market (mostly various stands of local people selling their local desserts, cheeses, meats, etc.).

We ended our day with dinner at an old tavern that had live music from some young singer-songwriters. It reminded me of the warm and cozy places you see in the middle of nowhere in movies. It had a fireplace, a wonderful staff, the biggest beer list we saw in all of our dinners in Europe and gave off the vibe that this is where we should have been the whole time!

THAT is how I like to explore places. See the local markets and the local culture and really embrace it. Attractions are great and I often learn something, but what I really enjoy is the unique culture of a city.

Let me tell you, though, getting back to real life has been hard. Jet-lag is real. I’m ready for bed by 5 pm and I have little to no motivation to get back to my work. But, vacation was just what we needed. I feel more grounded, settled and at peace. I don’t feel stressed even when I probably should and I’m moving forward one day at a time. On to our next adventure in becoming parents and back to regularly scheduled programming here on the blog! 

Happy Spring, all!

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