Ireland: First Family Vacation

Oh guys. It has been far too long since I sat down and blogged. Let me just tell you, getting to Spring Break was a task. And I am sure, many of you can relate. We’ve had a lot going on our lives between my full-time school, the hubs taking on more responsibilities at work, baby prep and vacation prep. And holy bologna is time flying by. Whew. But, we have made it and have been officially on vacation for 3 entire days.

Mr. O and I have never actually taken a vacation. We did not have a honeymoon due to the constraints of money and time and most of our previous travel has involved visiting friends and family (which I love, by the way), or has been a short weekend getaway. When we found out about Baby O., we figured we better get our hineys in gear and get a vacation in.

Trans-Atlantic to Ireland and London it was!

Stop 1: Dublin, Ireland

Partial Day 1:

After spending 10 hours on 3 different planes, on no sleep, we finally arrived in Dublin. We rally-ed for a night, exploring the city and having dinner before crashing out at a whopping 9 pm.

Day 2:

We took to the city and explored the highlights we did not want to miss:

  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • National Gallery of Art
  • National Museum
  • Grafton Street
  • Little Museum of Dublin
  • Walked a couple of city parks
  • Enjoyed coffee
  • Enjoyed Dinner at Ireland’s oldest pub→ The Brazen Head

What we learned in these two days:

  1. Nothing at the grocery store is where you expect it to be.
  2. Hotels are not equipped with a microwave or refrigeration device.
  3. Driving on the left hand side of the street is terrifying—more for me than for Lance
  4. The smaller the car, the better. These streets are narrow.
  5. Be VERY careful plugging in American items to European outlets. Hair Straightener…Fried.
  6. Public restrooms are hard to find and called toilets. And they are incredibly small.
  7. Europe is super environmentally conscious, including requiring you to put your hotel room key into a slot to turn on the electricity when you enter the room, having toilet paper dispensers that quite literally dispense one tissue square at a time, providing only hand dryers, not paper towels and almost always having faucets that stay on for about 5 seconds.

Mostly, we learned that Americans are just super spoiled, have a lot of unnecessary amenities and that bigger, doesn’t exactly mean better.

So far, Ireland has been good to us with surprisingly friendly locals and weather that reminds us of dreary days in Seattle. I can’t wait to share more with you as we head to the West side of the island!

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