The Importance of Getting Dressing Everyday & High Lunge Pose

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort”. -Paul Meyer

Good morning, everyone!

I just can’t get enough of my slow mornings here at home. I am a pretty lucky gal and do not have to drag myself to work every morning. At least, not for a couple more years while I finish my doctorate studies. I still get up early and start my day of studying around 8 AM everyday, so I do have a morning routine, but it doesn’t entail putting myself together, packing a lunch and making breakfast. It is simple and easy. Like Sunday mornings 🙂 I wish everyone could experience the pace.

What is hard about this lifestyle is the lack of motivation that I often feel. I don’t have many hard-stop deadlines or places I need to be every single day. Sadly, every few weeks I find myself having spent most of the day on the couch, teeth unbrushed before 10 AM, still in my pajamas, feeling pretty bad about myself. Sure, I have been reading a textbook all morning, so it isn’t as though I’m accomplishing nothing, but it doesn’t feel great. So last week I made the commitment to get ready every day. This does not mean I put on professional clothes or even do my makeup. What it does mean, is this:

I finish my morning routine before my “work” day starts. I brush my teeth, wash my face, brush my hair and put on some fresh clothes. They are often workout clothes, as I workout in the late morning or afternoon most days, but they are definitely NOT pajamas. I do anything additional on my to-do list that HAS to be done either before my “work” day starts or on my lunch break. I do NOT return to the couch. I work at my desk or my table or I go out into public to the library or coffee shop.

I find this process incredibly important for working from home. It is a simple task that makes the day that much more inspiring, motivating and productive. I know myself pretty well and I know that actively removing my body from my house will allow me to be the most productive because I am not distracted by other things, but I am not there yet. I haven’t made the leap to leave the house everyday. I keep saying I will and that I should but it has not happened. It is just that much harder to leave the pups and the coziness of my home.

Something else I try to get in every morning is a little bit of yoga or stretching. I am still loving hip flexors and glutes poses, but I will share something different with you today.

YOGA POSE OF THE WEEK: High-lunge pose

What I adore about this pose is the variety of options and personalization that come with its expression. I personally love it for hip and groin opening after a long day of sitting or standing, and to wake up my legs in the morning. It also strengthens the leg muscles and can help with low-back discomfort.


There are a couple routes to getting into this pose. The first is from downward facing dog. Once in this position, lift the right leg off the ground and gently, with purpose, step the right leg in-between your hands.

Another option I like is from foreward fold. From foreward fold, simply pick up the left leg and gently, with purpose, step it straight back until you have a full bend in the right leg.

For both options, ensure that in the final pose, your front leg is at a 90-degree angle with the knee not progressing in front of the foot and thigh parallel to the ground. Both hands should be on the ground helping to support you. The back leg should be straight with the heel of the ground.

In this position, you have options!

  • Stay. Move your hips around and play with the stretch. Give your hips some fluid motion to open and stretch them.
  • Put the back knee down. This alleviates some of the workload on the muscles, allowing for a deeper stretch in the hips. From here, you can raise both arms to the sky for a deeper stretch, or reach back (opposite arm as leg) to grab the back foot and give yourself a quad stretch. In these options, ensure you are still tucking your pelvis under and not letting it hyper-extend. You can also tuck the back leg toes under for added balance support.
  • Move the front leg out farther for lizard pose. This one gets more into the hips and hip flexors.

How do you all stay productive? What environments do you work best in? Have you added meditation or yoga to your daily life? How is it going?

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