Yoga Pose of the Week & Podcasts

Today, and today only is Self-Care Saturday. Mostly because I didn’t do Wellness Wednesday this week. But, I DO NOT want you all to miss out on this content.

I have been struggling for a few weeks with my own challenges! I want to prioritize them so badly, yet I also have to prioritize my school work and let me tell you, that takes up about 95% of my free time. I am always working to balance school, life and my personal endeavors. The distribution is constantly evolving and I am always looking for input that may change my perspective or make a difference in being more efficient and more productive and more present. Every. Day. Striving to be our best selves is the goal. At least, that is my goal. I want to be better than I was yesterday: a better wife, sister, friend, student, mother, citizen, daughter, etc.

Part of my inspiration every day is the podcasts I choose to listen to. I tend to go in spurts with these, but I do try to make them a part of my everyday routine, even if it is only for the 15 minutes I spend in the care on the way to work, or the 5 minutes on the way to my massage appointments. I have several that I choose from depending on my mood and I highly suggest any of them:

The School of Greatness: Lewis Howes

In this podcast, Lewis Howes interviews a different entrepreneur every week. He asks questions about how he or she became successful, what obstacles he/she had to overcome and how he/she continues to stay motivated every day. He often interviews people who have written books on such topics as well, giving me a list of books to look forward to reading. This podcast in inspiring and resets my perspective. Each episode is about an hour long, so I often listen in segments.

The Curbsiders Internal Medicine

This one was just recommended to me by a good friend. It is a medical podcast addressing current issues and up to date treatments in the medical field. If you don’t like to discuss or hear about these topics, I would not recommend it. However, for me, the narrators are discussing topics I am learning about, so I can learn more and reinforce what I am learning in class, which is an added bonus.

Science Vs.

I LOVE this podcast. First, the narrator is from New Zealand? Or Australia? Anyway, she is a delight to listen to. She takes controversial topics in our society and simply lays out the facts. She doesn’t necessarily take a stance on any given topic, just takes the research and presents it, in an entertaining way. She addresses topics from gun control, to vaccines, to anti-oxidents and cleanses. These episodes are about 30 minutes, so much easier to squeeze in an episode.

Pod Save America

This podcast keeps me informed and up to date on politics. It is from a democratic/liberal perspective, so please be aware of that before listening. The hosts on the show worked for the Obama administration as speechwriters or spokesmen or senior advisors. It is entertaining and re-caps what is currently going on with the political scene.

Please share any of your favorite podcasts below! I am always looking for new ones to check out.


If you have ever been pregnant, I am sure you have experienced the hip pain I have been experiencing lately! I think its my sciatic area and is radiating to my outer hips, and it has been keeping me up at night. Ugh. Pigeon Pose has really helped alleviate the tension in this area and has improved my sleep somewhat.

It is also great for anyone who stands, walks or sits a lot. As a society, we don’t move our hips in a way that loosens the muscles around them and they are a place where a lot of us hold stress and tension.

This pose:

  • Increases flexibility in the hips and back
  • Relieves back pain
  • Helps bring back full rotation and range of motion of your hips
  • Feels great, I promise. Even if it takes some time to get used to.

In order to get into this pose, I recommend starting in a low-lunge. This way, your legs are just where they need to be. If you have your right leg forward, move the right foot next to your left hand and lay the outer edge of your right shin down onto the mat. The goal is to have your shin parallel with the front of the mat. This is likely, unattainable for most individuals. That is okay! Go to a place where you feel a stretch, but not pain. Point your right foot and flex only your toes back toward your shin.

Another goal is to get your hips down to the mat while maintaining alignment of your hips. (i.e., don’t fall to one side or the other of your right hip). If you aren’t quite there yet, place a block or a rolled up towel or blanket under the right hip to bring the floor closer to your glutes. Try to hold for at least 30 seconds in order to make progress and then move to the other side.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! I wish you peace, calming, presence and motivation.

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