The Little Things

Scheduling Time for Loved Ones

Happy Day After Valentine’s Day! I have had so many things to be thankful for this week and the gratitude journal I am working on keeping has helped with putting all of them into perspective. As much time as I spend on daily to-do’s (which really more recently are daily must-do’s by the time I get to them) and studying, I have also been able to find a place this week for a few hours a day of unrelated, soul-filling activities.

Balance is super hard. I listened to one of my favorite podcasts this week: Lewis Howes interviewed Daymond John, who also has a podcast called Rise and Grind, which I haven’t listened to yet…but at any rate…this gentleman is a judge on Shark Tank and successful entrepreneur. One thing he discussed was balance and how he finds it in such a busy, committed schedule. He said two things that resonated with me:

  1. Many successful people only answer e-mails for one hour a day. End of story. No more no less. What if I also did this with my phone messages? How much time do I really spend responding to texts? I will say, I have had my phone on “silent”– not even vibrate–for several days now and it has been amazing. I don’t get interrupted and I am able to respond to others on my own schedule, in-between other commitments. We do not need to be available 100% of the time. 
  2. We must schedule time to spend with our loved ones. He acknowledged that this does sound a bit silly, but when life is busy and we commit ourselves to projects and helping others, the relationships and foundation of our happiness with our loved ones is often the first to go. So, we schedule time. We schedule dinner dates, play-dates, coffee dates, time to read to our kids, etc. Whatever it is, we commit and ensure we are 100% present during those moments.

These ideas were so resonating with me. I often forget what truly matters when I get stuck in my overwhelmed mind-set. I did it again just yesterday. I wasn’t making the progress I had been planning for and I was frustrated. Just then, little Baby O. kicked in a way that was really noticeable and visible for the first time! As if to say, “Mom! You’re fine! I’m most important right now and you are doing the best that you can!”. Thanks, baby.

The little things I am thankful for this week:

  • A pastry date with my 4-year-old niece
  • A coffee date with my mom
  • A conversation with my great aunt
  • Valentine’s day dinner with my husband at our favorite bar, because who really needs to spend hundreds of dollars on dinner? This place means something to us, and that is more important to me than lobster tail 😉
  • Family dinners
  • Friend dinners
  • Study and coffee dates with one of my best friends– because as a student one must multitask sometimes

It has been a great week for reflection and acknowledgement of all the great moments I have shared with others, in spite of being constantly bogged down by school. It is these moments that keep me going when I have been reading on my couch for literally 8 hours straight.

I am going to try something new next month. I will be removing The Little Things from my regularly scheduled posts in order to make room for a budgeting series for some time. Instead, I will be incorporating some of this content into my Mollie Chronicle’s postings every Friday. I can bring you more content this way!

Did you make time for someone special this week? What can you do to re-train your brain and your priorities to reflect some of this soul-fulfilling behavior?

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