Yoga Pose of the Week: Malasana

HI Friends!

As you all well know, I am behind this week. So, I am dedicating a little bit of time today to catch up on a couple of posts that I owe you 😉 That is, instead of reading my textbook before my husband gets home to whisk me away to the rock-climbing gym. But hey, it is Friday, I am sipping on my daily cup of coffee to rid myself of this pregnancy headache and I’m going to enjoy it.

Last week, I wanted to start a gratitude challenge. Well, I sort of did. I hope you all did. Sadly, last night was the first night I have done it at all. I’ve said it before — when I am overwhelmed and over-committed, the first thing to go is often my self-care practices. That, my friends, is exactly what happened.

I knew that eventually, I’d get back around to it and last night was the night. I quickly learned that it took me about 5 minutes to write a list in my journal of the things I was grateful for in that moment. That is all it took. Maybe even less. It always surprises me how often I put something off because I think it will take to much time, to later learn that the time commitment was basically irrelevant; especially if we’re considering the return of the practice.

Gratitude is HUGE. It brings us back, puts things into perspective and leaves us with a peace of mind surrounding our day, whatever the day brought to us. It provides closure and satisfaction, and helps to make us happier people.

Something else that boosts our spirits? That 5-10 a day of yoga I’m always talking about 🙂 I present to you:



This is one of my very favorite yoga poses. I mostly love it because it feels AMAZING first thing in the morning and after a long day at work. Many of us sit at desks all day or walk around a lot. I am always walking or standing at work, utilizing the same muscles over and over for 8-12 hours at a time. Being able to come home and get into malasana is like…hallelujah!!

This pose will stretch your inner legs, quads, back and thighs and is a grounding pose for energy levels. It can be helpful at reducing anxiety or resetting yourself. It is also great for pregnancy and feels pretty darn good on the hips! Malasana is considered a hip opener, which is why it feels so good after sitting or standing for a prolonged period of time.

I like this variation. Stand with feet hip distance apart or about as wide as your mat, toes pointing to the upper corners of the mat. Sink into your hips as low as you can go while keeping your back straight. Hands fold at heart center.


For those more flexible: Use your elbows on the inner knee/thigh area to press your knees farther out, giving you more of a stretch.

For those who aren’t as flexible, have low back injury or decrease ankle mobility: Use a block or bolster under your bum to bring the floor closer to you.

No matter which variation you choose, you reap the same benefits.

I am hoping to get out my favorite poses to you every week! Stay tuned!

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