My Zen · The Little Things

For Continued Patience


Every week, every day of my life is filled with appointments, work, communications, school, house-work, etc. A couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday evening I found myself exhausted, on the couch and in tears because I just did not want to go anywhere. Our evenings are often filled with the climbing gym, seeing friends or most recently, attending classes or meetings regarding the baby and the birthing process. I wanted a break. My insides were screaming, “can’t we just have a break?!”. So I took one. I stayed home, read, took a bath and had an evening of solace.

It is hard to balance the need for accomplishing everything that needs to be done and enjoying our lives, spending time with the ones who matter most. I am still learning this, but it gets better all the time.

Today, I am thankful for:

  • The ability to let go of the things that weigh me down but that I cannot control.
  • The ability to give up control and find peace with the unknown.
  • The knowledge that there is always tomorrow to try again.
  • The smiling, innocent faces of children who simply cannot understand why adults can’t play all day long.
  • The journey to finding balance.
  • The peacefulness of reflecting on the positive components of life.
  • Meeting people who emit a positive energy that is contagious to us all.

As we enter this weekend and life continues onward, begin prioritizing these moments of gratitude. Today is day 1 of my February challenge- the gratitude journal.

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