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Back to School

It seems I did pretty well picking days for my blog topics!

Thankfulness Thursday is here!!!

The past week I have been thankful for:


  • A patient and loving husband who supports me even when my pregnancy hormones are out. Of. control.
  • A gas fireplace…because it is STILL 2 degrees outside!!
  • Dog snuggles
  • Essential Oil diffuser to help fight off all these nasty germs going around!
  • A so-far healthy pregnancy
  • My mom, sister and nieces who will be moving close to us very very soon!
  • The constant, unconditional support of our friends and family


It is back to school this week for me, spring semester of year 2 of 4. To be honest, I haven’t started anything related to school yet, but it is coming as soon as I finish my writing commitment for the day! Working on a full-time doctorate degree, while working and making a baby– not easy. Sometimes it feels like the weekend will never come and the weight on my back becomes unbearable.


It is all about perspective, right?

So…I am thankful to be able to go to school and learn and comprehend and further my career and my passion for nursing. I am excited to learn something new and be around my peers. This is all one big step in pushing me toward future goals 


that I set years ago. I am a vision board about 3 years ago with the goal of earning my Nurse Practitioner degree by age 32. At the current rate, it is actually going to happen!!! I made this poster, set it aside and didn’t look at it for a couple years. It was quite to my surprise when I found it and found that I was actually working toward the goals I had set! I now have it hanging up in my newly renovated office as a reminder that in my daily life, school can be stressful and feel never ending, but if I look at the bigger picture, I have made some damn good progress to be proud of.

It’s the little things, right?

No, this semester won’t be easy. But, I will make it through, most likely with some grace.

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