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Happy New Year & Meditation Challenge

Hello, all! And Happy New Year!


New Year, New You! Right?!

I am not often one to set a New Year’s resolution, because I haven’t exactly been successful at them in the past. I get hyped up about something and work hard at it for a couple of weeks and then slowly drift back off into old habits. However, I am making it happen this year. I have big goals for 2018 and in order to achieve these goals, I have to start making some smaller incremental steps toward them. I sort of missed that January 1 deadline, but I don’t believe it is ever too late to make a change. Why wait until tomorrow, or next year? What is really stopping you?

Today is a new day. What doesn’t work today, I will try again tomorrow. I will continue modifying and trying every day until I feel like I have finally gotten it right; or at least a semblance of “right”, whatever that means exactly. We all try be our best selves every day, putting our best feet and energy out into the world. We are all human and that is all we can really do.

I have put a lot of time and energy the past couple of weeks into ramping up plans for this blog. I have said on many occasions how much I want to spend more time here, doing what I love: writing and sharing my wellness experiences. This is my true passion, and I have always let it be one of the first things that falls off my schedule. I am a nurse and I enjoy my job, but more often than not I come home exhausted and frustrated. I do not feel like where I am today in my career is where I truly want to be. I don’t look forward to work on a daily basis. I enjoy it, but I am learning that it is not my passion. Yes, I am taking steps toward a different nursing career as a nurse practitioner, but my true goal is to incorporate my new degree and experience into a continued blog, vlog, podcast, etc. that can be shared with more people. In order to get there, I need to make a change. I need to refocus my priorities; re-identify what makes me happy and re-evaluate how I can put my positive footprint on this world. My blog has been inconsistent and unorganized the past few years. But here I am, trying yet again, to make it a priority.

So a priority it has become. I have reorganized my days and my to-do lists. I have a concrete, written out plan and I intend to follow it. I will discuss more of my plans and posting patterns as they arise.

Wednesdays are being devoted to self-care and as a New Year, New You Challenge, I am committing to a month-long meditation challenge. It begins today and will last for the remainder of January, with weekly check-ins every Wednesday on meditation’s impact on my daily life and mindset. Meditation is one simple and quick way to provide ourselves with some self-love. As we fall back into regular routines after the holidays, it is so easy to get caught up in to-do lists, getting overwhelmed by work and life responsibilities. We often forget to care for ourselves so that we can be truly present with others. Taking a simple pause a few minutes a day to just breathe and re-set our minds can have a big impact on both our mindset and our productivity levels.

I challenge you all to 5-minutes of meditation a day. This is a short time frame that can be added in to any part of your day:

-Add it to your morning routine, such as while taking a shower or while enjoying your morning cup of joe.

-Take a 5-minute pause on your lunch break from work, or when you get in the car to drive home after work.

-Simply breathe for 5-minutes to decompress from the hectic day right before bed.

-Many people find it easier to stay consistent with new habits if they can add it to a part of their day that already exists. For example, right after brushing their teeth, or right before reading at night. There are activities that we all do every single day. Pick one and tack meditation onto it.

Meditation can also take many forms.

Yes, you can sit cross-legged on the floor, sitting up straight with your eyes closed, just focusing on breathing. I enjoy doing this while listening to some piano music. It is calming, but not distracting.

You can also download one of many apps on your phone for guided meditation. I have used:

  • Calm



I really enjoyed both of these apps. They both have free options to introduce you to some guided meditations, and if that is your style, you can buy a monthly subscription to access meditations that are tailored to your interests, such as for calming, studying, focusing, finding energy, etc. I am currently just doing my own meditation, but think these are both great products.

Adding meditation to my daily routine has been a goal of mine for quite some time, but I only do it sometimes. I will even go in streaks, but eventually fall off the habit and fight to find my way back to it. I will tell myself that I will start tomorrow. But again, why not today? What is truly stopping me? It is only 5-minutes…


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