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Friday Thanks and This Moment

Current Mood: Quiet.

As I sit here in my kitchen, prepping lunch for the hubster and myself I am able to take in the accomplishments of my day thus far– I was called off from work, giving me a head start to the day since I still woke up before the sun. Sure, I wanted to continue to lay and sleep for awhile, but I also cherish the moments before the sun rises that I can breathe, sit, read and wake up with the birds.

We’re having friends stay over tonight and have family activities the rest of the weekend, so I am taking in every ounce of quiet before that happens 🙂 Plus, I cleaned my entire house top to bottom and crossed a few things off the to-do list. Always a plus.

As I get back into writing on a regular basis, Fridays will continue to be dedicated to The Little Things in our lives that often go un-noticed. For gratitude. For taking a moment to absorb what is right in front of us, for this moment will never exist again in our lifetime.

Deep breath.

This Week I am Thankful for:

  • Summer and the new growth it brings. The past few weeks we were able to watch a baby robin hatch and grow right outside our front door. It was one of the moments in my day that I would really pause and  notice. 
  • The ability to work and provide for our little family in whatever capacity I am able to. 
  • New friendships
  • Sunflower Seed Butter, because yum. 
  • Literacy, so I can enjoy getting lost in a good story

I am working on stopping and noticing more. To not get caught up in every minute of my to-do list every day. To enjoy moments spent with family and friends without distraction. It is not easy, especially if you are in constant need of accomplishing things, as I am. Do the things you enjoy and spend your time in a way that makes you feel good. Yes, certain things need to be done every day and some tasks are more urgent than others, but something like vacuuming the entire house 3 times a week isn’t necessarily necessary. Not if it means you have denied yourself precious time doing something more worthwhile.

So currently, I am working on being more receptive. More present in conversation. More acknowledging of others. I get up early, as I did today, so I can check the highest priority tasks of my to-do list. This way, the rest of my day can be flexible.

It has been a good balance. I find myself less stressed overall and thus, more happy and pleasant to be around. One day at a time and a large amount of trial and error has gotten me to where I am, and its always a work in a progress.

Happy Friday!

Stop and soak up a few moments of your day and be present with someone you love 🙂

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