The Little Things

Difficult Weeks

This week I have been grateful for:

  • Good Music
  • An incredibly helpful and attentive fiance
  • Days Off
  • My Deck
  • Reading
  • Plantain Chips from Trader Joe’s
  • FaceTime

I’m starting to realize that it is a positive outlook and the little things that get us through some weeks. This past week has been a little more difficult than some, but it is okay. I got through it. Everything worked. 

I worked a couple of 12 hour shifts, which is exhausting, but I try to get a few extra hours in every week.

My dad was hospitalized, so I was driving 2 hours one-way to make sure he was doing okay. He is, and is home now.

I had the realization that our wedding is literally less than 2 months away….and the list of things I need to do seems to be growing….

I really, really miss my sister and my mom; if you are super close to your siblings or mom, you will understand. It has been very difficult without them being even a 20 minute drive away. Thank you, whoever invented FaceTime.

I feel like there were many times throughout the week that I could have had a melt-down, but the truth is, it wouldn’t have changed what was happening. My to-do list would have still been there, my dad would have still been sick and I still would have had to make it to work.

Instead, I decided to be thankful and stay positive. I focused on what I could control and designated my one day off to a nice combination of productive work on my wedding to-do list and reading to relax and restore. I leaned a lot on Lance to get dinner on the table, put gas in the cars and care for our doggie-kiddos. I called my sister and my mom frequently; it so happens that they both had a couple difficult days as well without me being there–sometimes just a phone call is enough to brighten our moods.

I also chose to notice the great things that happened: We got to attend Zoo Brew downtown with our friends, we made it out for 2 date nights (not a typical behavior for us, but it was a special occasion), Lance finally got the job title he has been working towards, I had great conversations with all of my friends, my mom and my sister, I got several hours of play time in with the pups and we have been able to use many fresh ingredients grown in our very own garden!!

I guess all I’m getting at is that life can be really hard some days; some moments. However, it is who we choose to be in these moments, what we choose to focus on and who we surround ourselves with that can make or break them for us. There is so much good going on around us, in spite of all the not-so-good stuff and it is important for our sanity and happiness that we acknowledge it.

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