Wedding Prep 2016

Wedding Prep 2016: Invitations

You guys!!! I just sent out our invites. THIS IS REAL. Less than 3 months out from the big day. I can’t hardly believe it. And I get a little more overwhelmed every single day. However, I have some peeps in my corner picking up the little and big tasks I just can’t handle on my own.

Anyway…this is all about those Invitations. I have one word for you. Paperless.

Think about it.

I went to a bridal fair soon after we got engaged and saw at least 20 different booths dedicated to invitation making companies. They had all kinds of fancy invites and inserts and deals for me.

Do you know how much these things cost? I just checked on…just to see. One of their basic invitations, for 150 people, would cost $240. Ummmm…remember how we like to budget and cut cost where possible? This is one of those areas. And WeddingPaperDivas is just one of many webpages you can order invites from. (ProTip: This website does often have discount codes and/or groupons available. So if you are going to go with paper invitations, check for coupons first– We got our Save The Date magnets for a third of the cost with this method).

Do you know what happens to these invitations? Yes. Some people will keep your invitations as a keepsake. You may even want one for your wedding scrapbook. I know I do. The rest of them though? I can tell you, I am not one to keep paper around taking up space. I know I am not the only one and that often times, the invitations get thrown out anyway. What a waste of paper and money.

The Solution? Go paperless.

There a few different websites that offer wedding invites by e-mail. I used PaperlessPost. I like them because the webpage keeps track of my RSVPs for me. No stamps needed or keeping track of everyone’s response. The webpage does it for me. In addition, if I wanted to order a paper version of my electronic invitation, I can. And I get to design it myself and being of the situation-controlling nature that I am, this was perfect for me.

Of course, there are a few people in my family that don’t use e-mail. I had about 10 in 150. For them, I opted out of ordering paper invitations from Paperless Post and just made them myself in MicrosoftPublisher. They are essentially the same. I printed them off myself on some card-stock and mailed them out today. Plus, I now have a couple extra paper copies of the invitations for a keepsake.

The Cost? Well, I obviously looked into some coupon codes for Paperless Post and I found 2. One for 15% off and 20% off my order. (NOTE: if you do something really basic, the electronic invites can be free of cost. I did not go this route.) In the end, the cost of my wedding invitations was less than $40.00!! 

You can’t compete with that!


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