Wedding Prep 2016

Wedding 2016: Bridal Party on a Budget

Holy stressful-ness.

Wedding planning has been in full-swing for a couple of months around here and let me tell you. Planning your own wedding, especially when you are someone like me, gets over-whelming. Quickly.

I am all detail-oriented, everything has to be perfect, considering every possible possibility before making choices. I enjoy that I investigate and research before making choices, but sometimes I wish I just made un-informed ones. It seems less time-consuming. Plus, I haven’t been dreaming about what my wedding day would look like for the past 27 years and have no idea where to start. I want: simple. budgeted. easy.

Somehow in all the recommendations and distractions, I have to sift out what it is that I actually want out of this day.

Not simple and quite the challenge for my overly-analytic brain.

The Gown:

I have always thought brides who spend thousands of dollars on wedding gowns are a little…shall I say, liberal with their wedding budget? I apologize now if you are able to afford this and love the dress you have found. For me, I’m like…I will only wear this once. why am i spending all this money that could be spent on delicious food, alcohol or student loan debt???

So I unpacked my mother’s gown from 1984. I was fortunate enough to have this option. My mother had very gingerly packed her gown up and it wasn’t opened until a few years ago when my sister got married. It fit nearly perfectly and just needed some modifications made to it. I didn’t even try any other dresses on. This was the one. We were able to find a seamstress in a small town outside of Seattle to do the transformation.

It is looking beautiful. It also cost much less than $1000.

I still need to find some jewelry and a new pair of sandals. Lance and I went back and forth on shoe choices a lot and ultimately decided…let’s get something people will actually wear again, or already own. Solution? Sandals.

The Bridesmaids:

My advice: make friends with someone who sews, or learn to sew yourself.

We are having a semi-casual outdoor wedding and I am not a fan of super fancy bridesmaids dress material, so I decided that a flowing skirt would look beautiful, be versatile and be comfortable in the 90 degree humid summer weather that hits the Midwest every year.

I found a simple pattern for a skirt on Pinterest, one of my bridesmaid and I found the fabric and our other friend is making skirts for all the bridesmaids.

Cost of material and supplies? About $50/ skirt.

Benefits? Each skirt is tailored to each person and they get to choose where it sits on their waist and the length. I wanted the bridesmaids to be comfortable in their outfits and not have to spend a ton of money. I also wanted the bridesmaids to have the same color of outfit, but in varying ways. A skirt was the perfect solution. They just need to find a shirt to match.

Jewelry is on my to-do list here as well, but I have high hopes for Charming Charlie’s. 

We still have to finalize groom/groomsmen attire, but we are waiting for the summer lines to come out at all the suit stores. Can’t wait!!




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