Bubble Yum Bum

If you were not aware, I am a Licensed Zumba Instructor and thereby I teach at least 2 Zumba classes each week. Sometimes more. I love it. It is a great and beneficial workout that I can explain more about in a different post.

This week in particular I had a late night class that I was kind of bummed to be teaching. It started after dinner. I was ready to put my pajamas on and relax with a cup of tea and a good book. But instead, I put on my dancing shoes and demonstrated to my fellow workout gurus that putting on workout clothes was worth it.

Zumba always improves my mood and my energy, but after this class it got even better. I had two middle-aged ladies (Who were in good shape, mind you) ask me how they could get their booties to look like mine.

My exact response? “ummmmmmm”.

I was completely flattered, but I never really know how to answer those types of questions.

I don’t have a master fitness routine I stick with. I try to eat a clean and healthy diet, but I am not strict with myself. I eat ice cream and beer and fries and the like. I have an activity level that feels comfortable for me, but I am not stressing about the number of squats I do everyday. If I’m feeling particularly comfortable at home, I don’t go to the gym that day. If I do hit the gym, more often than not it isn’t for more than an hour.

I believe that keeping a balance and doing everything I do in moderation is what gets results. I also believe that seeing yourself as beautiful as you are and not wishing to be something/someone else makes all the difference.

Here is my typical week:
2-3x/week : Zumba
1-2x/week: Lift weights (I do BodyPump by Les Mills because I have ZERO motivation to lift weights on my own)
1-2x/week: Yoga (I adore Hot Yoga and try to mix it up between Bikram and Vinyasa)
1-2x/week: 3-Mile Run

I go for runs on days I am pressed for time, as it only takes about 20 minutes. I am not getting down to burning stored fat in this amount of time, but it gives me a boost of energy and gets my muscles working for the day.

At some point, I will give you the break down of this variety of exercises and why I love them. But basically, I am getting cardio, strength, toning and flexibility. And it works for me.

I have never had the goal of getting six-pack abs, slender calves or a tight rump. I just do what feels good to me; what I enjoy. As long as you have variety and change up your routine every now and then, you will feel better too.

The only other advice I have is that if you are a gym member, try all the classes. And try them more than once. Don’t be discouraged by the other students in the class. They have probably been taking the same class for months, maybe years. They were discouraged once too. Remember, you are in the class for yourself. No one else matters.

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