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Going After It

This is my first post on my new computer! Can I get a heyyy–ooohhh!!!

I know I said I would write more. I blame not having a computer. So…now that I have one. No excuses. 

I have been applying for jobs in my career field (Nursing) since graduation in May. Yes…8 months ago. And Nothing.

I went in spurts.

I’d apply hardcore for a week.

I’d schedule the time to do applications and make phone calls. 

Then I would get discouraged and stop applying for 2 weeks. 

8 months later…no job. 

“A job isn’t going to come knocking on your door.”- I realized. Especially in the saturated market I moved to (Bold move Moll).

My friends and family were in shock I hadn’t found anything. They offered advice on what to do. Or just played the astonished loved would who could not believe there were no jobs! As helpful as I wanted this to be. It wasn’t. It just reminded me that I probably wasn’t doing enough and 8 months out of school I still had no experience as a practicing Registered Nurse.

The best advice I got was this:

“Just keep calling them until they respond to you and offer you a job!”

Ultimate lesson: Be Aggressive. B.E Aggressive! And Insist. Show the company that you are seriously interested and you won’t take no for an answer.

That was just a couple weeks ago. Yesterday, I was offered a job. And a great one at that.

It just took a little more pushing from my end. 

I think this advice is true in all areas of our lives. Yes, I believe in fate and that everything will work out as it should for each of us. I believe that being in the right place at the right time has a huge impact on the opportunities life presents us with. And I think WHO we know also makes a difference. 

However, that is not to say that we should just sit back enjoying the ride, waiting for success to fall in our laps. There is time for relaxation, of course. We don’t need to be motivated every minute of every day always striving for greatness.

Give yourself a break. 

BUT…we do need to work hard. We need to set goals for ourselves and work to obtain them. College. Getting a job. Changing our diets. Joining a gym. Keeping better contact with family and friends. We just need to do it. Life is not easy and sometimes it is so much easier to ignore the problems/stressor we are facing. Some days, that is completely ok. But at the end of the day….those stressors will still be there. In order to survive, we must learn to solve the problem. 

For me, that meant that JOBS DO EXIST. In a saturated market (with way more nurses than jobs available) that just meant I had to work twice as hard. I had to show my hiring manager that I was the best candidate. I had to demonstrate to her WHY she should pick ME over every other applicant. How could I do that if she didn’t give me a chance? Well…I did it by following up. A lot. And basically keeping her in check about my job. My persistence showed that I was a serious contender and she wants a staff member like me on her team. 

I know life can be discouraging. Trying to accomplish anything different is scary. And often frustrating. But how will we ever improve ourselves if we continue to be afraid? Sure…we will fall down. We will fail. Maybe multiple times. That is OK. It means we will do better next time. 

If you look at each “fall” or “failure” as an opportunity to learn something…you will know how to be better. 

So if you are putting off going to college due to a lack of money. I say screw that. Go NOW. If you wait for money to suddenly appear…it will never happen and suddenly you will have spent your entire life in waiting. When all that time you could have gotten a degree, made better money, paid back student loans and lived a happier life. 

The same is for anything you want to do. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can start today, right? Just go for it!

In my experience, a lot of people have self-doubt. They don’t want to fail. That strongly includes myself. So instead of going for what we truly want, we stay where we feel safe. In a minimum wage job, for example. Sure, we are struggling to support our family, but perhaps we have a secure position in a company. 

Don’t let yourself be doubted. Don’t talk yourself into fear. You ARE capable. I AM capable. We just have to prove it 🙂


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