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Stand Proud

It has been a minute since I blogged. The holidays and traveling will do that to you.

I am recently recovering from a 10-day excursion to the midwest where people are existing like polar bears. I’m talking below zero temperatures, snow blowing all around, ice on the roads kind of living. That did not jive with the 60-degree Northern Cali weather I have quickly become accustomed to.

I’m not sure if it happens to all people. But it has happened to me. At family gatherings, I find myself separating myself from the commotion and thinking, “how is my life so different from theirs?”.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. But there are some very evident differences among us. I can’t help but believe it is because I have physically removed myself from them. And not just them; but from the surroundings of the mid-West United States.

I have always been interested in alternative healing methods and preventative care versus medication. In the past 6 months, this has become even more evident. I am doing more yoga, reading more on preventative medicine and reside with my crunchy sister. She has taught me a lot and made many suggestions for articles to read.

I eat organically because I believe its better. I don’t consume meat because I believe our society has upset the balance of the food-chain with its overconsumption and somehow my lack of meat intake will make a difference. I teach fitness classes to encourage cardi0vascular health and teach healthy habits. I believe that stress effects all systems of the human body and I think our bodies should be treated holistically. As in, if you have a thyroid problem and GI issues, lets look at the overarching picture and see what the true source is. I make my own lotion. I use coconut oil in like…everything.

According to some mid-Westerners…I have become a hippy.

Who cares? I feel happy and healthier for it. I can be more self-sustaining. And I am proud of that. I don’t judge you for being an omnivore. Don’t judge me for not.

It is so interesting how much our viewpoints can change and be opened up based on the people that we meet. I feel that I have been exposed to a variety of settings, circumstances and personalities. I am not perfect and I don’t try to be, but I do think we become more accepting to change and difference as we surround ourselves with a wider variety of individuals.

I have no idea what my point is. But I think today I am saying…if you feel different. That is okay. As long as you believe in what you are practicing. I used to think that my life practices, such as eliminating meat would not make a difference in the grand scheme of the world.

I have changed my mind.

Everytime a person notices that I avoid meat, they ask me why. Or give me a statement as to why I should eat it. Why my body needs it. I am given the opportunity to explain myself. Most of the time, it probably does not have an impact. But every now and then, it does. I don’t want to preach to others, look down on others for eating meat or spend my time persuading them to convert. I am not that person. I respect your choice. But if I can give the resources supporting my decision, perhaps it will make a difference. Slowly…we could all change the world.

I can see that where I live now. The difference between the culture here and the culture at home is astronomical. At some point, someone stood up for what they believed in (as in holistic/preventative health) and it has obviously made a difference.

That is encouraging.

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